Our Story

“In the search of a unique surprise gift to cherish a special moment.”

One fine day our founder wanted to gift something unique and specific to the moment and fell in love with the star maps, convinced by the uniqueness and truth behind the star maps, he decided to improve the star map experience in our part of the world, thus Stars and Moments Born on the same day, now the beautifull, unique & special star maps available for everyone, it comes with a frame and ready to hang. Let’s celebrate and cherish our special moments with Stars and Moments.

Our Team

Super Efficient

We work around the clock to fulfill the orders and we make sure orders are properly managed and delivered in time.

Deeply Commited

Our Customers are our life line and our team is committed to serve you, We will help & assist our customers in every possible way

Highly Skilled

We make sure that each and every star maps generated are high-quality and we give attention to details when customize your order

More about Star Maps....

Star formations are not graphical design, it is based on the years of research and studies, the astronomical researchers and scientists made the visualization possible for any given time, date and location, and each of our star maps are custom made based on the customer details and preference. Thus we guarantee the accuracy and authenticity. There are third party open source software available to verify the accuracy of our maps and please write to us if you have doubt on the accuracy.

Thus, Stars & Moments brings you the coolest gift you can ever imagine, it is unique, personal and absolutely beautiful. A tastefully presented and framed image of star formation of your special moment and we assure you that the receiver will fall in love with the gift. A special birth day, engagement, wedding, child birth and all the special moments can be mapped with the star formation of that unique moment. That why we call it “Stars & Moments”